Come back to Philmont on your own this summer!


Experience Philmont Scout Ranch this summer with a new group of friends! Sign up for any of the Ranch’s Individual Treks, which include Trail Crew Trek, STEM, Roving Outdoor Conservation School, Order of the Arrow Trail Crew and many others. Slots available today!
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Duration: 14 Days
Age: 16-20
Cost: $300

TCT is a co-ed 14-day educational trek focused on conservation and leadership development. TCT involves seven days of trail-building and a seven-day educational trek through Philmont, including hands-on experience with a variety of conservation projects on the ranch and visits from guest speakers involved in conservation and resource management. TCT provides a strong foundation for participants to become involved in conservation in their communities.

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Duration: 21 Days
Age: 16-20
Cost: $545

Scouts and Venturers interested in conservation, resource management, and environmental science are encouraged to apply for the Ranch’s Roving Outdoor Conservation School. Participants trek through Philmont and the surrounding area, learning about forestry, fire ecology, entomology, wildlife management, geology, and much more. In addition, trekkers will learn advanced “Leave No Trace” techniques. Ultimately, ROCS will challenge participants in education, nature, and adventure. Both male and female crews are offered.

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Duration: 12 Days and Nights
Age: 14-20
Cost: $895

STEM Trek is an exciting program at Philmont Scout Ranch for males and females who have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM Trek will offer each participant the chance to explore the Philmont backcountry in a whole new way! Investigate the “why and how” behind backcountry programs like rifle shooting, blacksmithing and rock climbing. Led by knowledgeable staff, participants will explore modern scientific principles in physics and biology as well as examples of technology historically employed by miners, loggers and homesteaders throughout the Southwest.

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Duration: 14 Days and Nights
Age: 16-20
Cost: $300

Join a crew of Arrowmen dedicated to cheerful service on this 14-day adventure. Experienced Philmont Conservation Department staff with strong OA backgrounds will lead participants on the two-week program. The first week focuses on leaving a tangible legacy through trail construction and maintenance. The second week is a seven-day backpacking trek through Philmont’s backcountry, designed by participants. Prepare to be challenged mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Other Individual Opportunities

In addition to TCT, ROCS, STEM & OATC, Philmont also offers several Individual Treks including:

Duration: 21 Days and Nights
Age: 15-20
Cost: $745


Duration: 6 Days and Nights

Age: 14-20

Cost: $410

Ranch Hands
Duration: 16 Days & Nights
Age: 16-20
Cost: $300

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