Troop 378 starts a Varsity Team

Troop 378 has converted its 14-17 year-old patrol into a Varsity team, the first of the Northern Lights district.

What’s a Varsity team? Varsity scouting is like a regular scouting in a boy scout troop, but it also offers additional activities and pins as awards, in addition to the regular boy scout ranks and merit badges. A boy can choose to work towards the eagle scout rank or the Denali award, unique to Varsity scouting.

“Varsity Scouting is not the same type of Scouting as is conducted in a Troop.  The 14 and 15 year age group is one of the most rewarding yet challenging stages for young men.  The Varsity Scout program is wonderful opportunity to provide boys of that age with unique experiences.  The Heart of America Council provides annual programming to support Varsity units, that includes the Varsity Triathlon and Varsity Vision training for youth and adult leaders.  The Varsity Committee on Scouting meets monthly and is charged with developing additional programming.” — Anthony Escobar, Asst. Director of Field Service, Heart of America Council.

Another advantage is by having 2 units, a team and a troop, the number of positions available for eagle-qualifying leadership doubles. This is actually a recognized incentive for forming a team. In other words, the 12-13 year old patrol leader would become the Senior Patrol Leader, service that qualifies towards eagle rank.

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