Aviation merit badge class: Feb 13

There will be a merit badge class for the Aviation merit badge on Saturday February 13 at 10:00 AM at the TWA museum

This event is open to 10-12 scouts with older scouts having priority.  Cost is $25 per scout.  The Scout and immediate family will be allowed to tour the museum and the family is welcome to sit in on the education portion.  Additional people brought along will be charged normal admission fees.  The class should be done by 1 PM.

From the instructor:

“One of the requirement options is to go for a plane ride and be given the chance to actually manipulate the controls. If this option is chosen, they can make their own arrangements or may contact me and I can make a recommendation.  Another option is to make a poster of a basic flight instrument panel. If either or both of these are done before hand, they will be able to leave early.

I do expect scouts to show up prepared and having studied the material before hand.  

To sign up, please email Rob Baker at .img@.img.”

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