Ideas for an Eagle Court of Honor

There are ways to make your eagle court of honor a special occasion. You can create a special bulletin and invite noted speakers to attend. Here is a photo taken from an eagle court of honor from troop 495:


Note the care in table decorations, the flags, and the honored speaker. You know at a glance that this is a special occasion.

You may want to consider making a slideshow presentation, such as was done by troop 378: slideshow-video.

Inviting the youth and the family to select the speakers and decide the program’s participants can make a difference. Hearing from the parents and the scout for a period of reflection at the end can provide a special moment as a period of thanks and recognition of others along the trail to eagle.

Contact a district or council representative to share a message representing the BSA, and be sure to have a large (panoramic?) group photo after the event — this can be a keepsake. Here is a blog article with additional ideas: eagle court of honor prep.

Please add your ideas in the comment section below to make an eagle court of honor a memorable occasion.

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