Summer Camp 2016

Every unit in the Council should have already completed their draw for Summer Camp in 2016.  

NOW is the time to start planning for camp.  There is a long checklist to attend to:  Who is going, what to bring, what classes to sign up for, payment schedule, health forms, and the list keeps growing.

Information for Boy Scout Camping activities can be found at, and information for Cub Scout Camping can be found at  

Remember, the Heart of America Council has a summer camp program for EVERY SCOUT.  These world-class facilities are the envy of every other Council.  Our job is to make sure that each family knows what is available to them and get their boy there.  

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your District Camping Chairman at Roundtable.  Or you can call one of our District professionals at 816-942-9333.  Make sure your youth enjoy the “OUTING” in Scouting!

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