Cub scout recruiting: invitation post-cards



Attention Pack Leaders!!  How did your recruiting effort go this fall?  Did you meet your expectations?  Many of you would say “Yes”.  Some would probably say “No.”  

No matter what your answer was, EVERY unit has the ability to continue to grow.  Remember – Scouting is for EVERYBODY!!  It is our job to make sure that every boy in our area gets an invitation.

What is the best way to get that invitation out?  Your current membership is your BEST ambassador for the Scouting program.  Encourage every Scout in your unit to ask a friend who is not in Scouting to join him.  

One tool that is available to you this year is Invitation Post Cards.  These cards (sample above) are tailored to your unit, and can be personalized from one of your Cubs inviting a friend.  Then, you need to follow up with a personal invitation to that prospective youth and his parents.  

Be sure to recognize all new youth joining your Unit.  Make it fun and exciting for them and their parents – because without them, there is nobody for you to deliver the Scouting program to.     

If you have any questions on how to get these cards, be sure to call one of our Professionals at 816-942-9333.  Our Cub Scouts are our best recruiters.  If they are having fun, let’s help them invite their buddies to have fun as well!!  

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