College of Commissioner Service: Mar 5

The College of Commissioner Service is an annual training event for all commissioners.  Its curriculum reflects the belief that commissioners who are current in their training and are familiar with new methods and concepts are better prepared to provide effective unit service.  

The Central Region Area #5 College of Commissioner Service training event will be held on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at the Cerner Riverport facility, 6711 Northeast Birmingham Road, Kansas City, MO.  

Every type of Commissioner Service degree is offered, from Associates to Doctorates, and everything in between.  All courses are either new or recently revised.  So, this is not your old, stuffy training.  

For more information about the College, including courses offered, go to  The cost is $25 if you register now through January 15th, 2016.  After that, the cost jumps to $30.  Registration closes February 25th at 4:00pm.  

If you are a Commissioner, or if you have ever thought of volunteering to be a Commissioner, THIS is the training event that you need to attend.  

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