2016 Klondike Derby: Jan 23


The 2016 Klondike Derby is just around the corner.  Now is the time to start planning for it.

The combined Golden Eagle / Northern Lights Klondike Derby is on Saturday, January 23rd, at the Kelsey Short Youth Campground.  Klondike Commander Phil Symmonds is assemblying a staff to put on a great event.  

This is the last Derby for the North Star District!!

Volunteer leaders from both Golden Eagle and Northern Lights Districts will join forces to host the Derby.  Any adult volunteer who would like to help Phil put on the Derby can contact him at .img@.img, or at .img .  
Phil has provided the following information:

  • Schedule:
    • 7:30 – 9:00   Registration at headquarters then move to sled check in
    • 9:00 – 9:15   Opening and score sheet handout at shelter house
    • 9:15 – 12:00   Activities stations
    • 12:00 – 1:00   Lunch!  Stations closed during lunch
    • 1:00 – 2:30   Activities stations
    • 3:00 – 4:00   Sled races, Trophy presentation and Closing Ceremony
  • Fees – $10.00 per Scout or Scouter;  $10.00 Unit fee
  • This is a cold weather campout; be sure your scouts are properly equipped and attired.
  • This should be a patrol competition.  Boys should function as a unit, with no adult participation
  • Sleds should be:
    • Minimum 72” in length
    • Minimum 24” in width
    • NO wheels on the sled.
  • Please check your mailboxes for the Klondike package containing:
    • Sled check-in score sheet (please note the required items for each sled)
    • Sample sled plans.
    • Registration sheets
    • Competition score sheet
    • Klondike map
  • Camping will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please DO NOT camp in the immediate area of a competition station (please review the map).  If you do, you will have to strike camp and move.
  • We will allow you to park by your campsite.  However, it is expected that cars and trucks will stay parked and not be used to commute around the area.  (Staff excluded.)  Please exercise great care when driving – especially on snow.

Please stop by for any additional information or with any questions you may have.

There will be a breakout discussion at the December Roundtable about the Derby.  Phil has ordered up 16” of snow for the Derby for the sleds to run in.  (LOL!)  This will be a great opportunity for unit leaders to find out what events will be offered at the Derby.  Look for more information in your Roundtable mailbox, or keep an eye out on your District web site at www.hoac-bsa.org.  

For more info: hoac-bsa.org/golden-eagle-activities-and-camping

Kelsey Short Youth Camp, 17980 Collins Rd, Smithville, MO 

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